I am keenly interested in the latest developments in homeopathic clinical practice. Homeopathy can meet the new health challenges we face in the 21st century.

This gentle but profound medicine treats the underlying causes of illness and as such treats a person’s susceptibility to disease. This form of medicine is truly a gift to all beings on the planet. And because of that, I continue to conduct my own research, and to study with master homeopaths from all around the world.

My Practice

My practice is known for my meticulous care both in choosing remedies and in supporting and counseling for my clients when needed. Clients feel welcome and able to express their complaints and concerns in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere.

The method for finding the best remedy for the client involves interviews that are generally easy-going and spontaneous. The ongoing dialogue between client and practitioner allows for the discovery of the best remedy needed at the optimal time. The interview may cover mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of the individual. I utilize homeopathic research and reporting that is both traditional and contemporary, found in venerable texts as well as on the most up to date professional software.

People of all ages and walks of life seek treatment — some come because of very specific disease states (diagnoses) and others for a general re-direction of their life and energy. Homeopathy can help an individual at any stage of development to evolve to a higher state of health.

It is important to recognize that treatment is very individualized: THAT is the genius of homeopathy! For instance, five individuals coming for a migraine syndrome will each likely receive a different remedy suggestion.


Please remember that we first of all consider the client as a whole being. Check with me directly about your specific needs for treatment.

Complaints presented vary widely but may include:

FOR CHILDREN — sleep disorders, chronic respiratory infections, behavioral problems, fears and phobias. Affects from conventional drugs and vaccinations. Digestive problems and food intolerance. Failure to thrive. Suspected autism spectrum diagnoses. Allergies, asthma. Most skin complaints, including rashes, eczema and psoriasis.

FOR TEENS — mental or social (school) stress, ADD, ADHD, depression, skin problems, sleep disorders (acne, etc) and body / structural problems. Family relationship issues. Menstrual difficulties. Drug and food disorders and addictions.

FOR ADULTS — depression, mood and thought disorders, life, work and relationship stresses of all kinds. Arthritis / joint problems. Fertility: female and male reproductive health, aging and genetically inherited complaints. Chronic skin complaints. Allergies, drug and food addictions and cravings. Acute care and acute injuries. Shock and its long-terms affects (post-traumatic stress disorders, PTSD). Reducing reliance on conventional medications where and when needed and appropriate.

Homeopathic treatment can work in conjunction with other therapies as well. Many find that their work with other therapies (such as talk or somatic therapies, yoga, nutrition, etc.) is greatly enhanced and accelerated once receiving their constitutional homeopathic remedy.


First interviews — up to two hours or so in length.

Followup appointments — up to 1 hour in length (scheduled 4-6 weeks apart and often at longer intervals as treatment goes on).

Phone consultations are available in between scheduled appointments as necessary.

A short phone interview will help determine whether my practice is a fit for you. Please inquire about my fees at that time.